Sunday September 04, 2022

19-year-old girl shot dead by man for refusing to marry him in Egypt

19-year-old girl shot dead by man for refusing to marry him in Egypt

Amani Abdulkarim Al Jazzar.

Mahmoud Ads, Staff Reporter

A 19-year-old university student, named Amani Abdulkarim Al Jazzar, succumbed to her wounds on the way to the hospital, after she was shot by a man, 29, known as Ahmed Fathy Omeira, on Saturday evening, in the Toukh Tanbisha village, Berket Al Sabea, Al Minoufiya, Egypt.

Amani was on the 3rd year at the Faculty of Physical Education, while the killer holds a medium qualification, according to the people of the village. His marriage proposal was rejected by the victim’s family and by her as well, due to his bad conduct and drug addiction.

The rejection angered him, so he decided to kill her. He reportedly lurked near the victim’s house, shot her from behind while she was leaving her house and ran away.

The security forces are intensifying the search and investigation to find the killer, who is still at large, according to local media. This is the third tragedy in Egypt in a few months, similar to the tragedies of Naiyra Ashraf and Salma Bahgat, who were also killed due to the same reason.

A medical source confirmed that Shebin El Kom Hospital received the girl dead because of a gunshot wound. People of the village also said that Amani had a good reputation, good morals, commitment and excellence in her studies, affirming that Amani’s family, due to the killer's misconduct and drug abuse, rejected his marriage proposal to their daughter.

They expressed their shock of her murder in front of her family's house in horrific scene. Earlier, Egypt witnessed two similar incidents in two different governorates, where Naiyra Ashraf, was slaughtered by her colleague, Mohammad Adel, at the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University, after she refused to marry him.

And the other was in Sharkia Governorate, where Salma Mohammad Bahgat was stabbed and slaughtered by her colleague at the Faculty of Media after her family refused marriage proposal due to his misbehavior.

The Mansoura Criminal Court sentenced Mohammad Adel, the killer of Naiyra Ashraf, to death, while the Zagazig Criminal Court is hearing today, Sunday, the first session of the trial of Salma's killer-Mohammad Bahgat.


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