Wednesday August 03, 2022

2 Asians steal Dhs3 million worth jewellery and gold statue from a villa in Dubai

2 Asians steal Dhs3 million worth jewellery and gold statue from a villa in Dubai

A view of the Barsha area in Dubai.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Appellate Court upheld the criminal court’s ruling to jail two Asians, deport them from the country after serving their jail term and fined them Dhs3 million jointly for stealing jewels, precious stones, luxury watches and a gold statue, estimated at Dhs3 million from a villa of an Asian investor in Al Barsha area in Dubai.

The suspects reportedly climbed the fence of the villa at night and broke into it, and then they robbed it.

The details of the case dated back to March 2021, when a farmer working for the investor at the villa discovered that the door of a villa was broken. He testified that when he saw the door of the villa was broken, he called the owner who was abroad.

He added that he also saw that the windshield of two vehicles were broken.

The owner of the villa said in the investigations that he left the country on vacation to his homeland, and after some days he received a call from the farmer working at the villa telling him that there was a break-in at the villa and robbery and that the windows of two vehicles were broken too, then he returned to the UAE the next day.

He added that he found his safe in his room was broken and robbed, which contained gold jewelry, including artifacts, gold ingots, a number of diamond-encrusted sets, three watches of famous brands and a small gold statue, valued at Dhs3 million.

A policeman said in investigations that a team of investigators collected inferences, and the two suspects were identified and one of them was arrested, with some stolen items in his possession.

The policeman added that the suspect admitted he connived with another fugitive (who was arrested later) to watch the houses and villas in the Al Barsha 3 area to make sure there was nobody inside.

The suspect added that he and his partner chose the villa that they had broken into after watching it closely for several days and making sure it was empty.

The second suspect confessed to entering the villa after breaking one of its windows, and that he opened an unsealed safe from which he stole gold jewellery and then both fled the scene.

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