Friday August 05, 2022

3-year-old child falls to his death in Jordan

3-year-old child falls to his death in Jordan

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Rlixa Report

In a tragic incident during a wedding ceremony in Jordan, a three-year-old boy fell to his death, a media report said on Friday.

A wedding ceremony turned into a funeral in the Tabarbour area, east of Amman, after the child, who was born following several medical attempts over the last 11 years, succumbed to his injuries.

The child’s uncle stated that during the wedding party of a relative, the 3-year-old climbed to the roof of the hall but lost his balance to fall from a height of 6 metres and be rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his serious injuries.

“It was a huge double shock because my brother and his wife waited more than one decade for the birth of their only son because of delayed childbearing. They were always talking about the preparations for their son’s upcoming stages,” the uncle said.

Specialists called for tightening safety measures in celebration halls and supplying fall protections to the roofs.

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