Monday August 29, 2022

Abductee freed after contacting police

Abductee freed after contacting police

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced three persons to six months in prison each to be followed by deportation for kidnapping a countryman and locking him up in an apartment in Al Rigga area, Dubai for 15 hours following a dispute over Dhs500.

Last January, a person contacted the Dubai Police through their official account on Instagram, stating that he had been kidnapped and locked up in an apartment in Al Rigga area in Dubai.

Accordingly, an investigation team moved to the place as specified by the report, a police officer stated.

He said that when the investigation team arrived at the apartment and knocked the door, one of the convicts opened, and the reported person was found crying, so the three convicts were arrested and driven to the police station.

The abducted person told the prosecution that while he was walking around in Al Rigga area, he was stopped by three persons, including one he knows.

One of them hit him on the head, while the other two restricted him, before taking him to an apartment close to the place, where he was locked up for 15 hours.

He added that the one of the convicts with whom he had business threatened to kidnap his family in his home country, and seized his phone, but he was able to retrieve it and contact the police through a social networking application (Instagram).

One of the convicts admitted that the victim had promised him to apply for and get an entry visa for his brother and received Dhs500 from him.

After a while, he did not get him the visa and remained postponing returning the amount, so he sought help from others to threaten him in order to return the mentioned amount, but the victim refused. Therefore, he decided to abduct to lock him up until he returned his money back. The victim remained locked in the apartment until police arrived and knocked the door.

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