Monday July 25, 2022

Abu Dhabi health authority warns of a counterfeit product

Abu Dhabi health authority warns of a counterfeit product

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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi issued a circular to all pharmaceutical facilities, health care and health professionals, warning against the use of the counterfeit product PROCOMIL SPRAY 45MG, as a counterfeit  batch with the number B981910 was found in an Abu Dhabi pharmacy.

The circular stated that the authorised agent of the product affirmed that the batch mentioned was counterfeited and manufactured by an anonymous source and although it has the name of the commercial brand, the manufacturer and the name of the authorised agent, it was not supplied by that agent.

The circular also mentioned the specifications of the counterfeit product which was not manufactured by WALTER RITTERk, as the product name is PROCOMIL SPRAY 45MG, and the date of manufacture is 10/2019.

The Department demanded that 3 immediate measures be taken, the first: All pharmacies have to ensure that the aforementioned product is purchased from the authorised agent in the country, then examine the product they currently have and make sure that it is the original product.

It also stressed that all health care practitioners must be cautious about using counterfeit products, and to inform the pharmacovigilance programme through the electronic reporting system, of any side effects resulting from the use of medical products.

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