Thursday June 16, 2022

Age is just a number

Age is just a number

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

We are no strangers to the notion of positive thinking and how it can impact every aspect of one’s life. This week we delve further into the concept of mind-over-matter by looking at the idea that thinking positively about ageing will help a person to experience a more positive, less stressful ageing experience.

We hold internalised beliefs that are formed during childhood and onwards and embedded into our minds. Sadly, when it comes to ageing, these beliefs tend to lean towards being negative. There have been more than 400 scientific studies conducted which demonstrate the impact of individuals’ beliefs about ageing.

Having a positive view on ageing is healthier for an individual both mentally and physically. Through the studies there is evidence that shows that having a positive view on ageing allows a person to have a much less stressful ageing experience. What is most interesting is that it is possible to change a negative view on ageing to a more positive one.

One of the first ways to go about changing a view from negative to positive is to promote awareness on the topic and to understand what it means to us personally. Think of the first beliefs which pop up when you think of ageing. Are they positive or are they negative?

Another way to change negative views on ageing to positive ones involves finding a senior person who is doing remarkable things and holding them as an example of what ageing should look like. It is also important to make sure you spend time with people who are outside your age group. Meaningful intergenerational contacts can be a way to improve age beliefs.

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