Tuesday July 26, 2022

Alarming news

Alarming news

A worker checks pipes at a gas compressor station on the Yamal-Europe pipeline near Nesvizh, some 130 km southwest of Minsk. Reuters

Russia is the biggest gas supplier to the Europe and the announcement of Russia’s state-owned gas company on Monday about an unexpected, drastic cut in supply to Europe is disturbing and alarming for the whole world (“Russian gas cut to Europe hits economic hopes; Ukraine calls for action,” 26 July, Rlixa website).

Presently Europe is experiencing its worst summer season where temperature has reached 27ËšC which they are not used to. Scorching weather has made their life miserable. There is news of heavy casualties because of the heatwave.

The gas cuts came amid guarded hope of resuming exports this week of another key commodity — Ukraine’s grain — under a breakthrough deal that was called into question by a strike by Moscow on the key port of Odessa.

Soaring energy costs and the threat of hunger faced by millions in poorer nations show how the biggest conflict in Europe since World War Two, now in its sixth month, is having an impact far beyond Ukraine. Europe needs gas supply from Russia uninterrupted because it’s a matter of their survival in the winner. The news from the Russian gas company regarding gas cuts to European countries has raised questions of the future gas supply to Europe.  The war between Russia and Ukraine will bring more misery and destruction. It will definitely affect the whole world. There is an urgent need for meaningful dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

Jalal Khan,
By email

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