Sunday September 11, 2022

Algerian man marries two women in one day for social media fame

Algerian man marries two women in one day for social media fame

Rlixa Report

The marriage of the Algerian young man named, Rachid Boudioua, to two young girls, Hanan and Maryam, at the same time received exciting reactions, which sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites.

The man was criticized for marrying the two young girls at the same time and in one wedding ceremony.

According to the sources, it turned out that the family of the first bride did not know about the second marriage.

A woman from the first wife's family revealed that they were refusing the marriage because the groom was jobless and did not have a stable income or housing, according to the Algerian media.

The woman affirmed that the family gave her daughter gold jewelry, according to the customs and traditions followed in the east of the country, but the groom took them from her to sell it and gave her fake jewelry so that he would not be discovered as a cheater.

The woman added that the groom came on the wedding day to take his bride, telling them he would go with her directly on the honeymoon trip.

He asked the bride to carry her clothes and jewelry, and then he took her in a car, passed the house of the second bride whom he took in the same car.

Then he headed to a party hall, where he took pictures which he posted on social media in order to achieve buzz and fame.

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