Tuesday August 30, 2022

Asian kills girlfriend over alleged affair, brings body to police station in Dubai

Asian kills girlfriend over alleged affair, brings body to police station in Dubai

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a young Asian to life in jail on charges of murdering his girlfriend in his car, after an argument over his suspicion of her affair with another person.

The details of the case date back to July 2019, when an Asian entered a police station in Dubai, frightened and his clothes stained with blood.

He told the officer on duty that he killed a girl with whom he had a love relationship, and that her body was inside his vehicle in the station's parking lot.

The officer testified in the interrogations of the Public Prosecution that he asked the personnel in the station to detain the suspect and went to the vehicle, where he found a girl with her neck slit and several stab wounds in different parts of her body.

He reportedly found a large knife on the back seat of the vehicle, which the suspect said he used to commit the crime.

The officer added that when he returned to his office, the suspect told him that he committed the crime inside his vehicle at the parking lot of a mall.

He added that he had a love affair with the victim for 5 years, but he discovered that she was in a relationship with another, so he spoke with her family in her home country, where they asked him to bring her with him to the country but he resolved to murder her in case she refused to do that, so he bought a knife to carry out his crime and kept it in his vehicle.

He added that on the evening of the incident, he went to the area where the victim lived, called her and asked her to come to a nearby parking lot.

She reportedly went there, got into his vehicle and sat on the front seat, where they had a conversation for 3 hours about her returning to her country with him and about his intention to marry her.

She refused his request and cursed him, so he took the knife from the back seat and stabbed her in the neck, and in different places of her body, claiming her life.

After committing his crime, he returned the knife to the back seat and went to the police station.

He was referred to the Public Prosecution and then to the court. During the court’s session, he confessed to the crime but denied his intention to kill her with premeditation.

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