Thursday July 28, 2022

Avoid the Eastern Region for the time being, Sharjah Police tell public

Avoid the Eastern Region for the time being, Sharjah Police tell public

The vigilant Sharjah Police are all too concerned about the safety of motorists.

 Rlixa, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Police confirmed the readiness of the security and rescue teams around the clock to deal with the exceptional weather situation, calling upon all members of society to abide by the security instructions so that they are safe.

The police also emphasised the need to comply with the instructions related to not going to the Eastern Region now, unless it's absolutely necessary. There has been considerable impact of the weather fluctuations on the region, leading to torrential rain, and flooded roads and valleys. So visitors should steer clear of the Eastern Region until the weather is normal.

In the meantime, the Police and Civil Defence teams are working effortlessly to ensure and protect individuals and properties. The Sharjah Police urged residents in the Eastern Region to deal with emergency weather conditions with utmost responsibility, exercise the utmost care and caution, and stay away from places of surface run-offs, torrents and rainwater pools.

This will stop the breakdown of vehicles not familiar with negotiating the roads in these areas under adverse weather conditions. They are also advised to report immediately any accidents, via the emergency number /999/.


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