Wednesday August 31, 2022

Baby dies after being struck by a four-inch hailstone

Baby dies after being struck by a four-inch hailstone

A man shows a huge hailstone.

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A 20-month-old Spanish baby girl died after being hit by a four-inch hailstone during a storm in northern Spain that left 50 injured.

The infant was taken to Josep Troita Hospital in Girona after sustaining injuries during the devastating hailstorm. She died hours later.

Reports stated that the other 50 people required medical treatment, as they suffered head injuries and required a medical suture.

Hail the size of tennis balls shattered car windshields and windows in the Catalan town of La Bisbal de Lamporda.

The Spanish government warned tourists earlier this month that the country might be hit by hurricanes.

Local media reported that the storm was short but very intense with the Catalonian authorities added that it was the worst hailstorm in years.

Spain has been reeling under extreme weather with historic heatwaves.

The weather body in Catalonia said that the region is under alert for violent weather, including tornadoes and hurricanes.

According to meteorologists, a hail forms when the water droplets soar so high they freeze.

The stones then grow in size by colliding with more water which freezes on the surface. Once the updraft can no longer support the massing water, the hailstone plummets to the earth.

In 2003 a 17cm (7 inch) hailstone was found in Nebraska following a storm.

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