Saturday September 10, 2022

Caring Queen

Caring Queen

Queen Elizabeth II

A kind-hearted, lovable and caring Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered for ages. Elizabeth II, an adorable queen who ruled the hearts of billions of people all over the world for decades, passed away on Thursday at Balmoral Castle, her summer residence in Scotland (“Queen Elizabeth dies at 96, ending an era for Britain, Sept. 9, Rlixa website).

Queen Elizabeth II’s adorable journey lasting more than seven decades is over now, there is no doubt that the world will miss her and her unending generosity.

According to the news, her 73-year-old son Prince Charles automatically becomes king, though the coronation might take time.
Britain’s new king will be formally known as Charles III, his Clarence House residence confirmed on Thursday, after suggestions that queen Elizabeth II’s heir might have taken a different name.

A powerful Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered for years. She has set a high standard of the throne that will be beneficial for the new king.

By email - Shah Shahabuddin Khurram

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