Saturday September 03, 2022

Challenging time

Challenging time

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Unprecedented floods have completely devastated parts of Pakistan. The country is going through a very tough time. It has affected more than 33 million people.

Normal life has come to a standstill for most of the people. Even access to basic things have become challenging. Road transports have been badly affected in most of the areas. The country is going through a humanitarian crisis. Relief work is going on all across the places. Fellow citizens are doing their best to help those who are badly affected. Social media is flooded with photos where people are helping each other. Many of those photos have melted our hearts.

This shows how humanity comes first for the people. Unicef said 16 million children are impacted and 3.4 million are in need of humanitarian support.

Pakistani expats in the UAE are trying their best to help their fellow citizens through whatever means they can help. I hope situation improves as early as possible.

Mohammed Taha, รขโ‚ฌโ€ By email

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