Wednesday May 04, 2022

Children’s rights

Children’s rights

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It has become the prevalent scenario that children, women and the elders are the worst affected in human conflicts, as they get little attention to safeguard their rights to live. Among all, children are the suffering segment. This is a reality of the modern world, as conflicts continue, but less attention is being paid to human issues that mainly affect children, women, and elders. The Ukraine crisis is another clear example showcasing this pathetic situation once again. The children’s rights are either abandoned or ignored by the modern world, where they invest and spend much more to make weapons. It is right to say that human rights have been on the decline in an advanced society, especially this is more evidenced by the eruption of conflicts in several parts of the world for more than two decades.  

The children’s well-being is the need of the hour, and their involvement is critically important for a safer future generation.  It is the responsibility of respective governments to pay attention to it and ensure safe passage for their return to normalcy in life.  The fact is that children are being punished for no fault of others, and their trauma continues indefinitely. Their sustainable way out of the terror of modern conflict has become highly challenging. If not their respective governments, the Human Rights Commission, or other self-running organisations who will take care of the countless children dispersed in countries where human atrocities continue? Much more than money, children need people’s comfort in their early days of life that, at any cost, cannot be regained unless responsible people pay the deserving attention at the right time. Let us hope for an early end to the agony of innocents.

Ramachandran Nair,

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