Sunday September 11, 2022

Cost of living

Cost of living

Prince Harry and Meghan look at the floral tributes for the late Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor, England. AP

The cost of living has gone up it appears and despite not being an expert on the cost of women's clothes it would seem that Meghan Markle's probably one use £2400 outfit is ridiculously expensive. I am certain my complete wardrobe including a suit would not cost that much.

We are being told that beauty is an inner quality, and we should be aware of the rest of the world and how they live. I am sure this amount of money would keep a person well fed, if not a family in many countries and although one donation of £2000 and a £400 outfit would not change the world every bit helps.

Perhaps it is time that Meghan and Harry read 'The Prince and the Pauper' by Mark Twain and considered the lessons that it contains.

Dennis Fitzgerald,

Melbourne, Australia


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