Tuesday February 22, 2022

Destination Sharjah

Destination Sharjah

Sharjah has added one more feather to its celebrated cap.

Sharjah has opened the doors to one of the world’s largest safari parks on Thursday and residents are thrilled to know about it.  It will be a huge attraction for visitors and residents. Now we all can get a taste of Africa here in Sharjah.

Sharjah already has lots of artistic and cultural attractions in the city, now it has added one more feather to its celebrated cap.

Visitors and residents are eagerly looking forward to pay a visit to Sharjah Safari.  Located in the Al Dhaid area of Sharjah, Safari Park has 100,000 African trees and more than 50,000 animals from over 120 species of animals that live in Africa.

Different types of tour packages have also been introduced to make it accessible to all those want to visit. I am sure a visit will be memorable for everyone.

Mehfuz Alam,
By email

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