Monday August 01, 2022

Dubai Court upholds imprisonment of a gang convicted of kidnap attempt, phone theft

Dubai Court upholds imprisonment of a gang convicted of kidnap attempt, phone theft

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a judgment issued by the Court of First Instance against four convicts, who were sentenced to six months in prison each to be followed by deportation for attempting to kidnap a man and steal two phones that were in his possession.

Earlier in last January, an Asian reported that he had been assaulted by four persons while he was in a restaurant in the International City.

They also forced him to leave the restaurant with his hands cuffed and walk with them to a vehicle in an attempt to kidnap him, but he sought help from passers-by who intervened and rescued him from kidnapping, he told the police.

The gangsters fled the scene, except one, as he was caught by the passers-by, the plaintiff added.

He also said during the interrogation that he had a business relationship with one of the suspects, yet they had a financial dispute between them, so the suspect hired others to force him to pay money that did not belong to him and they tried to kidnap him while he was in a restaurant locating in the International City, Dubai.

In interrogation, a police officer stated that a team of investigations collected evidence and checked footage of the surveillance cameras of the restaurant and the street that captured the incident.

The one who was caught by the passers-by confessed to attempting to kidnap the Asian man, who owed him Dhs50,000.

He also directed the investigation team to the rest of the suspects, who were arrested and two phones belonging to the plaintiff were found in their possession.

Based on the suspects’ confession and the collected evidences, the Court found them guilty and sentenced them to the aforementioned penalty, which was supported by the Court of Appeal.





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