Saturday July 23, 2022

Famous Jordanian journalist reunited with kidnapped son after dramatic rescue operation

Famous Jordanian journalist reunited with kidnapped son after dramatic rescue operation

Ahlam Ajarmeh with her son Al Waleed after he was released by kidnappers.

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Jordanian broadcaster Ahlam Ajarmeh announced that she had finally recovered her child, days after he was kidnapped by a human smuggling gang in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The smugglers transferred him to the Syrian city of Idlib, during which he remained in captivity for 20 days.

Ajarmeh published a statement on her Instagram account, revealing the circumstances of the incident, which she described as indelible from her life, and broadcast a clip showing the moment she met her child, on the Syrian-Turkish border, 20 days after his kidnapping.

Ajarmeh said that she lived the most difficult 20 days in her life, after her son Al Waleed was kidnapped, and she could not hear his voice or see him.

“It was an endless nightmare. But I wanted to share with you the difficult ordeal, which God destined for me, in order to protect your children from what Al-Waleed was exposed to.”

Ajarmeh explained the circumstances of the incident, saying: “3 weeks ago, I suddenly lost track of Al-Waleed in Istanbul, where I reside, and after contacting the Turkish authorities, I learned that Al Waleed was kidnapped and smuggled by a gang. He was transferred to Idlib, Syria, in a way that exposed him to the danger of death.”

Famous Jordanian journalist reunited with kidnapped son after dramatic rescue operationAn excited Ahlam Ajarmeh prepares to hug her son Al Waleed.

She added: "As a result of the Turkish efforts inside and in northern Syria, we were able to identify the kidnappers and reach them, then find out the destination to which Al-Waleed was taken by the kidnappers, and thanks to God and the efforts of the Turkish authorities, the Jordanian embassy and the security authorities, and praise be to God, Al-Waleed."

The announcer explained that her child's psychological condition was "bad", as a result of the incident, calling for the protection of children from human trafficking gangs.

She said, “I also extend my great thanks to the Speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives, His Excellency the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Jordanian Ambassador to Turkey Al-Basha, the Deputy Speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives and the lawyer, Muawiya Al-Amoush for the efforts made by them and their commitment to all forms of assistance in returning the pleasure of my life…”

“Ajarmeh also clarified that in response to the confusion that some have raised regarding the identity of the kidnappers, I would like to stress that the kidnappers were not Turks, but hold Lebanese and Syrian nationalities.

“Also, the great efforts made by the Turkish authorities were the main credit for getting my child back from northern Syria without being subjected to any harm during his recovery.

Ajarmeh said, “I have lived in Turkey for years and have never felt a lack of security. Rather, it was a quick and professional response from the Turkish authorities after informing them of the kidnapping process or enhancing the confidence of any resident in Turkey of the security situation.”


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