Sunday May 08, 2022

Give him time

Give him time

Umran Malik

Everybody is talking about new Indian pace sensation Umran Malik for his speed and accuracy. He has impressed with his speed to almost everyone worldwide. He looks incredible. In his previous game he had touched 156.9kph, which was the fastest ball of the IPL. I feel good for Umran. Many former Indian cricketers and foreign players also have expressed their desire to fast-track him to the Indian side for the upcoming T20 World Cup. He deserves praise for his hard work. But I feel let him grow naturally. Taking him straight through the fast track might dent his natural progress. I feel he should be included in the team for training.

He still needs lots of other skills which will help him become a great bowler.  He should be given enough time to be with Jasprit Bumrah and MD. Shami in the net. Because we have seen in the past that many young talents came on the national side soon after short success, but they could not meet expectations and later went back to play in the domestic tournament. Most of them have not returned to the national side till now. Like Prithvi Shaw, Khaleel Ahmad, Rahul Tewatia and many more. Even Rishabh Pant has not been able to give his best so far. The kind of talent he had displayed during his initial days, he never showed the same in the international matches. We could see a few glimpses only.   Therefore, I feel Umran should focus on his skill and play lots of domestic matches which will help him grow better.

Rishi Anwar,
By email

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