Monday August 01, 2022

Going great

Going great

A view of the draw ceremony.

Mahzooz weekly draw becomes a big attraction in the United Arab Emirates among the participants who try their luck within millions of people (“One lucky winner gets 1kg gold, other 1,712 take home Dhs1,885,900 in Mahzooz draw,” July 31, Rlixa online edition).

In a small period of time Mahzooz weekly draw has become the most popular place for millions of people to try their luck and be millionaires.

Operated by EWINGS, Mahzooz, the leading weekly draw in the UAE has created 25 millionaires since inception and continues to change lives for the better. The 87th Mahzooz proved to be lucky for participant, Mohammed, with the raffle ticket number 16904774, as he won himself 1 kilogramme of gold in the Golden Summer Draw that was held on 30th July 2022.

Mahzooz rewards big and has made several multi-millionaires in just over two years since the start of its operation. Overall, Mahzooz has awarded over Dhs250,000,000 to over 175,000 winners, as it continues to gain popularity in the region and beyond. The huge number of people participating in Mahzooz weekly draw shows the trust of people in the multi-millionaires game.

A small amount of money allows common people to participate in multi-millionaires Mahzooz weekly draw, which is the success of the wealthy activity. From the start of the Mahzooz weekly draw many people have made their future winning millions of dirhams through lucky draws.

I would like to congratulate the lucky winners of the latest Mahzooz weekly draw and good luck for their bright future.

Junaid Shahbaz,
By email

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