Sunday October 31, 2021

Good decision

Good decision

Chinese paramedics seen at a makeshift hospital site.

It’s so important to take the coronavirus seriously till the world wins the war against the deadly pandemic. China has a huge population and the way China fought against the coronavirus earlier, and now is still fighting tough, is laudable (“China locks down third city over coronavirus cases,”

China placed a third city under lockdown on Thursday to tackle COVID-19 numbers, with around six million people now under orders to stay home as Beijing chases zero cases before the upcoming Winter Olympics.

The country has taken a zero tolerance approach to the virus since it first emerged in central China in 2019, stamping out emerging flare-ups with border closures, targeted lockdowns and strict quarantines.

The news that shows China placed a third city under lockdown to tackle COVID-19 numbers, shows China’s firm stance in eradicating the deadly virus and save more than one billions of precious lives.

As the world has got a huge breakthrough producing coronavirus vaccines the war will go on against the COVID-19 till everyone in the world gets complete doses of the vaccines.

There are many variants of COVID-19 that the world is also facing, to face the different variants of coronavirus it is important to get everyone vaccinated. It’s also the moral responsibility of all citizens of every country to pay attention to their countries’ efforts and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

United, we can win the war against the deadly virus that has claimed millions of people and billions of people are suffering from the COVID-19.

Rashid Shamsi
By email

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