Saturday August 06, 2022

Huge snake passes by two girls in Saudi Arabia

Huge snake passes by two girls in Saudi Arabia

A combo image shows the snake inches away from the girls.

Rlixa Report

A video clip showed terrifying moments of a huge snake passing by two girls, who were playing in rainwater in the Jazan region, southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The girls didn’t realise the snake was inches away from them.

The video revealed a torrent of water in a desert area under a bridge.

The video shows two girls, and a huge snake appeared in the water, according to Saudi media.

The General Directorate of Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia warned against the danger of swimming in torrents or valleys, especially in light of heavy rain in some areas.

It said in a tweet on its official account on Twitter, "Do not swim in torrents, valleys and water swamps for your safety.”

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