Wednesday August 03, 2022

Humble Macron ‘cleans dust’ off Benin FM jacket, social media sees it otherwise

Humble Macron ‘cleans dust’ off Benin FM jacket, social media sees it otherwise

A videograb shows Aurélien Agbénonci dusting off his jacket.

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A video of French President Emmanuel Macron humbly noticing dust on Beninese minister’s jacket and pointing it out has gone viral on social media sites.

The widely shared video shows Macron meeting with members of the government and Beninese officials. But it will be the image of his meeting with the Beninese Minister of Foreign Affairs Aurélien Agbénonci that will remain in people's minds.

While the French Head of State discusses, standing, with his counterpart Patrice Talon, Minister Agbénonci approaches.

Macron welcomes him with a warm gesture, and tells him about some dust on his jacket.

The minister gently brushes it off, sparking widespread reactions and memes.

Some media outlets reported the minister cleans his shoulder with his fingertips after Macron touches in an awkward way. But that’s not true.

Agbénonci also reacted to the fake news. He wrote on Twitter, “False… it is not! Pt Macron had just noticed and showed me a trace of dust on my jacket after the press briefing held outside. My gesture completed that very kind of Pt Macron.”

The video of this short moment quickly joined the top of the most commented topics on social networks.

Although the images in question did not appear in the French media, they quickly settled into the news of the international press and social platforms.

Twitter users said French President Macron had been "humiliated."

A user also commented on the video, "Don't touch me, you're messing me up", referring to comments by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Another user said that Macron always tries to establish his superiority by treating others like children.

The image of former US President Donald Trump fixing Macron's collar with his finger in front of the cameras was even picked up, with the comment: "Is he trying to be like Trump or what?"

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