Tuesday September 06, 2022

Husband sues wife for breaching his privacy in Abu Dhabi

Husband sues wife for breaching his privacy in Abu Dhabi

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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

A husband sued his wife, accusing her of obtaining the password for his mobile phone, and watching conversations between him and others via the WhatsApp.

The Court of Cassation acquitted the wife, who filed a lawsuit demanding that her husband and his sister jointly pay her Dhs150,000 in compensation for her husband’s abuse of his legal right with her, and the testimony of her sister-in-law against her. The court rejected her lawsuit.

The wife indicated that the first appellee, her husband, charged her with obtaining the password of his mobile phone, and breaching his privacy, by accessing his phone, reading conversations between him and others via WhatsApp.

She added he also charged her with informing her sister-in-law, the second appellee who had informed by her brother.

The wife explained that the lawsuit filed by her husband against her, in which she was convicted in absentia, and was fined Dhs100,000 but she appealed the ruling  and the fine was amended to Dhs10,000. She added that the ruling obligated her to pay Dhs20,000 to her husband as temporary compensation.

The court indicated that the husband used his legitimate right stipulated in Article 104 of the Civil Transactions Law, stressing that the verdict of the Court of Cassation acquitting the wife does not mean that the husband lied.

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