Friday August 26, 2022

Important decision

Important decision

The Abu Dhabi Police department has been keenly enforcing safety protocols for E-bikers.

The e-bike trend in the United Arab Emirates is in full swing. A huge number of people are riding e-bikes on the roads fearlessly, and some of them are following the e-bike road safety rules implemented by the authority (“Dhs200-Dhs500 fine for bicycle, e-bike riders who violate rules comes into force in Abu Dhabi,” Aug. 25, Rlixa website).

All lovers of two-wheelers in Abu Dhabi, check your ‘wayward’ instincts. Those violating rules for bicycles and electric bikes will be penalised.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police, has started enforcing fines for breaches of rules regarding bicycles and electric bikes for individual use in Abu Dhabi.

The centre also stated that bicycles and electric bikes are one of the “first and last mile” services that link bus stations, shopping malls, services and residential areas, and enable community members to reach their destinations quickly without making a dent in their pockets.

A laudable decision taken by the government to fine e-bike riders who ignore road safety rules while riding their bikes on the streets and busy roads.  

There is no doubt that e-bikes offer riders economic transportation in the limited range of their surrounding areas and it’s very beneficial. But, it’s also important for e-bike riders to follow the road safety rules implemented by the authority to keep them and others safe on the roads.

There is nothing more precious than a life. I am sure people all around the United Arab Emirates will show social responsibility and follow the road safety rules while using their e-bikes for the sake of their safety and others.

Shah Shahabuddin Khurram,
By email

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