Thursday June 09, 2022

Incredible IIFA

Incredible IIFA

Abu Dhabi had a star-studded IIFA show which will be remembered for long.

The IIFA has just concluded in Abu Dhabi on a very high note. It was great to see so many Bollywood stars coming to Abu Dhabi. The IIFA Rocks event was held on June 3 and the Main Awards was held on June 4.  Residents of the UAE were thrilled to host their favourite stars in this part of the world.

It was indeed great to see so many actors and filmmakers getting recognition for their hard work. Actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Vicky Kausal and and Kriti Sanon bagged the award for their great acting skill, while music maestro A. R. Rahman also received an award.

Bollywood fans had a great day watching their stars performing live here in Abu Dhabi. It was a moment of a lifetime for the UAE residents. They are going to remember these moments for a very long time.  

Social media also was abuzz for a week with the updates on Bollywood stars. Everybody was posting pictures of their favourite stars throughout the event. Those who could not attend the event were excited to see them on social media platforms. I hope many more such events should take place here in the UAE.

Heba Shireen,
By email

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