Friday June 10, 2022

Kim me break!

Kim me break!

Kim Kardashian

American Socialite Kim Kardashian knows how to grab media attention. She has a knack of giving statements which has no sense but makes it readable and viral.

She does or says something which has no sense at all most of the time. Recently she was heard saying that she might eat anything to look younger. Poor Kim does not know that ageing is natural. Nobody can stop it.

Whatever she eats she can’t stop ageing process.  I am sure she might be disappointed also or in the state of shock as she was denied permission to attend Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration. She was in London with a friend and had expressed her desire to attend the event but poor Kim was denied entry.

This is not Met Gala or Oscars where she can be allowed to attend to make photographer go crazy.  Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration is very high profile event of London and guests are always picked up on certain parameter. It is not that anybody can go and attend the event.  Better try next time Kim, meanwhile choose your words carefully.

Eram Zaman,
By email

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