Wednesday June 08, 2022

Like it or not!

Like it or not!

Illustrative image. (Twitter)

The advent of social media has completely transformed human behaviour. Now, we all want to be appreciated and liked. We have become slaves of likes. Every day we want to be liked for whatever we do, whether we post something on Facebook, or pose for Instagram or Tweet about something, we just want to be liked and liked. The race for likes has made us greedy.  I remember growing up in 90s when society was completely different.

Other’s opinion about us has never bothered us. Everybody would do their job and lived a like-free life. Nobody would wait for praise or recognition so much then. But now in the era of social media everyone wants to be appreciated. Craving for likes has made us completely delusional. We are losing the touch with reality. I don’t know where are we heading to? But this is not the right direction for sure. Getting appreciated is a basic human craving, there is nothing wrong in that, but it has to be managed with decency.

Rajkumar Adhikari,
By email

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