Wednesday June 22, 2022

Limit yourself

Limit yourself

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Electronic gadgets have become part and parcel of our daily life. We are completely dependent on these things. Even a little child now requires an ipad or Laptop for attending classes in schools. It means it has become inevitable. But when we step out with our child for eating out or playing in the park, then we should avoid carrying gadgets. I see almost every child these days looks busy on phone at the restaurant or in the park. They even carry their electronic gadgets with them while visiting to a family gathering.

They look engrossed in that. This is really bad. They don’t even interact with visiting elders. We should train our kids to restrict the usage of modern gadgets. We should use it, not abuse it. We have to be watchful with our behaviour. We should not forget that we learn a lot by being passive listeners also. In the olden times, people would sit with elders to learn the art of life, unfortunately today’s kid don’t even come closer to us.  This needs to be changed.

Shreyasi Kumari,
By email

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