Tuesday April 26, 2022

Magical Macron

Magical Macron

Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has won re-election with a relatively comfortable majority, but his battle with far-right leader Marine Le Pen spotlights a France more divided than ever. Though Macron’s victory came as a huge relief for many especially French minorities. Le Pen’s far-right party has improved her vote share in this election, but had to accept defeat. At one point of time, she looked as if she will give very fight, but finally Macron’s policy of inclusive growth looked far better than her divisive policy.

Macron managed to attract more voters than her. Though Le Pen succeeded to entice many new voters, which is a not a good sign for France. Divisive politics should be discouraged everywhere. We should make this world a better place, where people from different religion, religion and race can stay together peacefully. I must congratulate people of France for taking a right decision in picking up a right man once again. I hope other nations learn from France. They have defeated destructive forces. Time has come to defeat them. We have reached at a point where it is either now or never.

Megha Kant,
By email

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