Monday August 01, 2022

Man sentenced to three years for kidnapping and assaulting fiancée in Dubai

Man sentenced to three years for kidnapping and assaulting fiancée in Dubai

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian kidnapped his fiancée and held her in a room in a Dubai hotel where he beat her together with three Asians and threatened he would kill her if she did not pay a ransom of Dhs3 million.

The court sentenced the prime convict in absentia and the three others in their presence to three years in jail to be followed by deportation.

The inident, which took place in a hotel room in Al Riqqa, dated back to last March when an Asian girl filed a complaint in which she stated that her friend was kidnapped and held inside a hotel room. The complainant said she received a phone call from her friend asking her to help her call the police as her fiancé lured her to a hotel and held her in a room, where he assaulted her and demanded her to pay a ransom of Dhs3 million to release her. The incident was reported to the police accordingly.

According to a police statement in the investigations, a team of detectives verified the complaint and took all legal measures before the room was raided. There, the girl was found in a state of fear and with some signs of assault and torture.

She was accompanied by one of the suspects, who were arrested. Later, two more suspects came and were found to be the prime suspect’s partners in kidnapping the girl. They were all arrested and referred to the public prosecution and then to the court for trial.

The victim stated that she was fed up with the misconduct of her fiancé and his cruelty in dealing with her and consequently she left him.

He used every time to beg her to return and stay with him, promising her that he would change for her. However, when he felt that the victim wanted to end the relationship, he told her that he would reserve a room in a hotel in order to think again about their relationship and she agreed and went to the hotel, where he was waiting for her with three other people.

The victim added in the investigations that the prime suspect - her former fiancé – in collaboration with the others tortured her and threatened to kill her if not they were not given a ransom of Dhs3 million.

The victim pretended that she would comply with their request and bring the money for them. She communicated with a friend of hers and informed her of her place and what she was subjected to. The victim’s friend informed the police accordingly and three of the suspects were arrested.

On interrogation, the suspects denied they had participated in kidnapping the victim but confessed that they were aware of the prime suspect’s request for a ransom from the victim and that they were told not to allow the victim to leave the room.

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