Monday May 09, 2022

Need change

Need change

Even post-pandemic, audience have embraced OTT platforms with an open heart.

The OTT platforms are doing very well these days. Lots of films and web series have done extremely well at the OTT. It has entertained audience worldwide and has given opportunities to many newcomers also who were otherwise could not make it to the big screen. Many independent filmmakers, writers and lyricist have made it happen at the OTT.  This is definitely a fantastic change happened to the Indian entertainment industry during Covid-19 pandemic. Even post-pandemic audience have embraced OTT platforms with an open heart and this is a big change.

People don’t mind watching films at home now. I know even lots of people have not gone to cinema hall for two years and they don’t mind it too. I don’t know whether this is good or bad, but it has made life easy for us. We get to see lots of good content by sitting at home so why should we go out.  I am extremely delighted at the quality of work we are seeing. But I would be more happier if contents can be little trimmed.

Their language at times is poor. If they can control the language then I am sure they will have more audience. Language plays very important part in any society. How can we glorify abusive language and violence on screen? This is not good for our Indian society. We are still in the habit of watching a film with whole family. That’s why we need to be very conscious about it.

K. M. Ziyauddin,
By email

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