Friday September 02, 2022

Negligent motorist stops in the middle of the road, causes major accident in Abu Dhabi

Negligent motorist stops in the middle of the road, causes major accident in Abu Dhabi

A combo image shows a pickup van crashing into the small car in Abu Dhabi.

Rlixa, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police have warmed motorists to avoid stopping their vehicles in the middle of the road no matter what.

The police shared a video warning drivers that what could go wrong if one plans to stop in the middle of the road in a busy traffic.

The video showed a negligent motorist, driving a hatchback, suddenly stopped in the middle of the road during rush hour.

Some vehicles could be seen maneuvering the car, but a pickup van crashed into the small car.

The van, after crashing, loses control and hits another car on the left lane and then hits a school bus on the side of the road.

The police highlighted that just a negligent behaviour led to a multiple-vehicle accident in Abu Dhabi.  

The Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Department of Monitoring and Control Center, and with the "You Comment" initiative, broadcast these videos to educate motorists.

The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate warned drivers of the dangers of stopping in the middle of the road for any reason, and called to go to the nearest exit to ensure the safety of road users.

The Abu Dhabi Police warned that violators will face hefty fines for such reckless behaviour.

 In August, the Abu Dhabi Police General Command said that their initiative to educate motorists managed to reach 35 million followers of social networking sites and media from various segments of society during the first half of 2022.

The initiative publishes videos of real traffic accidents that occurred on the roads of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with the aim of enhancing traffic awareness and alerting road users to the dangerous behavior of some drivers, which poses a threat to the safety of lives and property.

Brigadier Muhammad Ali Al Muhairi, Director of the Security Media Department, in the Leadership Affairs Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police, explained the prominent role of the "Your Comment" initiative, which contributed significantly to a qualitative shift in traffic awareness methods, rediscovering a different pattern to the process of communicating with the public, and creating the desired effect of messages, attracting the attention of followers on social networking sites, and raising levels of awareness for such reckless behaviours, which we see daily on the roads with some drivers.

He stressed that the initiative, since its launch in 2018, has achieved very encouraging results, at the levels of viewing, commenting, and republishing, as well as the interest of the media, and the main accounts of the partners, in republishing the videos.

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