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NVIDIA Studio Laptops the best choice for creatives

NVIDIA Studio Laptops the best choice for creatives

Apple recently launched its latest MacBook Pro for creators.  While these laptops provide an upgrade compared to prior gen MacBooks, they fall well short of RTX-powered NVIDIA Studio laptops. New MacBook Pro buyers should expect to spend at least 11,000aed. At the same time, Nvidia Studio laptops exceed the MacBook Pro for such creative pursuits as 3D modelling, video editing and graphics design. Plus, NVIDIA Studio has many excellent choices of system that cost less and offer a lot more advantages in addition to being faster.

key reasons why Creatives Should ONLY Consider Nvidia Studio Laptops

NVIDIA earned its reputation primarily with gamers because of their graphics processing solutions, but these same GPUS and supporting software can also support creation.

NVIDIA Studio is a full end-to-end accelerated computing platform for Creators, aiming to help artists create faster and better. 

PERFORMANCE - NVIDIA Studio products are equipped with the RTX GPUs – the most advanced and the fastest GPU in the world. They are 5X faster performance for 3D content creation, and the fastest when it comes to video/photo editing

AI ACCELERATED APPS - NVIDIA Studio has over 75 of the top creative applications accelerated for RTX GPUs, including the top apps for Photography: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, The top apps for video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, The top broadcasting app, OBS, and every major 3D rendering including Blender, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, V-Ray to name a few - and this is in addition to over 200 apps that are accelerated for NVIDIA GPUs.  Additionally, with NVIDIA Studio drivers, creators can have a super stable experience as NVIDIA Drivers are thoroughly tested against a long list of the top creative apps avoiding your system to crash or being slow.

The biggest growing sector of content creation is 3D. We are seeing how several factors are converging towards it – the eruption of virtual worlds, the increase in usage of AR and VR, and the increased accessibility to creation tools that allow artists to dive into 3D. Most content creators will have to start adding 3D to their workflow. And for this, NVIDIA Studio Laptops stand in a class on their own. Here are the top 5 3D rendering apps, and you can see how the performance compares between NVIDIA Studio laptops and MacBook Pros.

NVIDIA Studio Laptops the best choice for creatives

This amazing performance comes from the RTX GPU – which is not only faster but also features dedicated hardware acceleration for ray tracing, and AI denoising for quick and responsive feedback. 

If you add on top of this the possibilities that the NVIDIA Omniverse platform provides, there’s really only one choice for creators – NVIDIA Studio.

Not only NVIDIA studio is perfect for 3D artists, they are also fantastic for video and photo editing. You can see here the benchmark of NVIDIA Studio Laptops in the most popular photo editing apps. In a sample project, NVIDIA GPUs finish the work much faster than MacBook Pro 16s with the M1 Pro or M1 Max.

NVIDIA Studio Laptops the best choice for creatives

EXLUSIVE USEFUL FREE APPS - Another great reason is the fact that, NVIDIA Studio has a powerful set of exclusive free apps to support creators in unique ways such as NVIDIA Omniverse to accelerate 3D creation and collaboration, Broadcast allowing you to use AI to enhance your microphone, webcam and speakers, turning any room into a home studio. It’s incredibly useful for streamers, students, and professional meetings, and finally Canvas allowing you to draw beautiful landscapes with a few simple strokes, all vastly reducing the time needed in drafting and concept work

NVIDIA Studio Laptops the best choice for creatives

Another great reason is the extensive choice in form factors, features and performance as NVIDIA Studio is available in a wide array of Studio validated systems: from ultra portable laptops to all-in-one minimalistic PCs, to ultra powerful multi-GPU workstations.

To share an example of what some of the 3D artists have to say about NVIDIA Studio Laptops, checkout this video to hear what Stijn Windig has to say about NVIDIA Studio laptops, Stijn is the Concept Artist at which is one of the most reputable creative content creators in the UAE, additionally checkout  to hear what Ihsan from TGMProduction has to say about NVIDIA Studio laptops. TGMProduction is a local company that specializes in producing commercial videos & photography for TV and Social media


NVIDIA Studio are the ultimate laptops for creators.  Compared to the new MacBook Pros, NVIDIA Studio laptops feature:

  • Fastest performance, stability, compatibility for creators and gamers thanks to NVIDIA RTX, the most advanced GPUs
  • 5X faster performance for 3D content creation plus the fastest video/photo editing performance – For example, a rendering job that would take 95min (octane) on Mac would only take 10minutes on a RTX3080 studio laptop which is a huge difference and benefit.
  • 75+ RTX accelerated creative apps helping you improve your workflow and create faster saving you tons of time.
  • Exclusive, free creative apps including Omniverse, Broadcast, and Canvas
  • Offer ultimate gaming experience and the latest gaming technologies.
  • Extensive choice in form factors, features and performance with over 100 Studio designs from our OEM partners

As you can see, NVIDIA Studio is a comprehensive top to bottom platform providing distinct value to creators. Checkout this page HERE and this video HERE to learn more.

To see some of the available Studio Laptops at Virgin Mega Store UAE checkout below links

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