Saturday May 07, 2022

Pakistan's famous TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain's third wife files for divorce

Pakistan's famous TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain's third wife files for divorce

A combo image shows Aamir Liaquat with his the-then wives.

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Pakistan’s famous TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain's third wife, Dania Shah, has approached a court and filed for divorce from the former Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker, local media reported.

Dania took to her Instagram stories on Saturday to announce the news of her separation from Amir Liaquat.

She further added that she has provided details and proof, including documents, to the court, which will be shared via the media soon.

In her application, a copy of which is available with Images, she accused Liaquat of forcing her to make adult videos to “send to people abroad” and locking her up for five days if she refused to do it. She also said he “forced her to appear before non-mehram men.” She also accused him of being impotent and consuming drugs.

Responding to allegations made by Dania, Liaquat also took to the social media and expressed how he has lived "with a heavy heart" for the past four months. Liaquat elaborated that during their ten-month long marriage, three months were spent in Bahawalpur district of Punjab province.

Disputing his third wife's claims of alcoholism, the TV host said that he did not consume alcohol nor did he inflict any violence upon her.

He also attached to his defensive tweets a video collage of various audio clips and photographs, in a bid to denote Dania's ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality.

A few weeks ago, Dania and Liaquat had denied rumours of a divorce by sharing a video of Dania addressing the rumours. The video has since been deleted.

Liaquat, 49, and Dania, 18, got married in February this year. Taking to Instagram, the television personality introduced his wife and wrote, "Last night, tie [the] knot with Syeda Dania Shah, 18." He went on to add, "She belongs to an honourable Najeeb ut Tarfain “Sadaat” family of Lodhran, South Punjab."

Adding on, he shared, "Saraiki, lovely, charming, simple and darling. I would like to request all of my well-wishers, please pray for us. I have just passed the dark tunnel, it was a wrong turn."

The same day, after months of speculation, actor Tuba Aamir confirmed she had filed for divorce from Hussain. Taking to Instagram, Tuba shared a statement, in which she revealed the couple has been separated for 14 months. Citing 'no hope for reconciliation, Tuba further added she has 'opted to take Khula [divorce] from the court.

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