Tuesday August 02, 2022

Sales representative jailed for forging bank client's salary certificate to meet his target

Sales representative jailed for forging bank client\'s salary certificate to meet his target

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a sales representative to 3 months in jail for forging a salary certificate of one of the bank’s clients for which he worked.

The sales representative will be deported after serving jail sentence.

The details of the case date back to February 2022, when a legal researcher working for the bank discovered that the representative, who worked for the bank, had submitted a forged salary certificate belonging to one of the bank's clients.

According to the researcher’s statement, he discovered that the client’s salary did not match his salary certificate, so he contacted the representative and inquired about the salary certificate.

He admitted that he handed it over to the bank without the client’s knowledge, to approve the transaction, in order to achieve his monthly target.

The researcher then called the police.

On being questioned, the representative admitted to the forging and said that he communicated with a client to buy his debt from another bank by the representative’s bank but the transaction was rejected because of the client’s salary certificate, so he forged the salary, without the client’s knowledge and submitted the documents to the relevant department to process and approve the transaction.

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