Sunday May 08, 2022

Sapaad Kiosk now in Saudi Arabia

Sapaad Kiosk now in Saudi Arabia

Sapaad Kiosk in use.

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Sapaad, a Cloud POS solution provider with main offices in Dubai and Singapore, knew kiosk ordering was more than just a passing fad. It recently unveiled their own version of this product, Sapaad Kiosk, at the recently held Foodex Saudi 2022 in Jeddah.

Sapaad’s Self-Ordering Kiosks for Modern Restaurants

Self-ordering kiosks are customer-facing devices that allow customers to place orders and pay without the need for a cashier's help. The best restaurant kiosk software integrates seamlessly with a point-of-sale system, kitchen printers, a kitchen display system (KDS), as well as the payment processor.

Why Should You Invest in Self-Ordering Kiosks?

Kiosks for self-ordering aren't exactly new in the market or in the restaurant industry.

McDonald's claims that branches with self-ordering kiosks hit a 5 to 6% increase in revenue.

Five highlights of Sapaad’s self-ordering kiosks:

·  Beautiful Self-Ordering Experience

Customers get to place orders on their own and modify them accordingly. It reduces customer wait times.

·  Easy and Secure Payments

Sapaad is partnered with leading payment terminals worldwide like Stripe, Geidea, and Epay.

·   Automate your operations with a one-stop solution

Orders placed at the kiosk are immediately sent to Sapaad's Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Token Screen.

·   Maximize Revenue with Strategic Marketing

You can increase your average check size with intuitive upselling, cross-selling, upgrades, and add-ons.

·   State of art design

Sapaad Kiosk combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design.

It comes with a 12.9" iPad for iOS. It is compatible with up to 32" screen for Android devices.

Cloud POS System

Sapaad's all-in-one cloud-based Restaurant POS lets you increase revenue and streamline operations. It acts like your own restaurant management software, integrating all core functions such as kitchen management, online ordering, inventory management, workflow analysis, and payments improving management efficiency.

Sapaad is also compliant with ZATCA’s newly implemented Fatoorah/E-Invoicing Guidelines.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Sapaad’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) streamlines kitchen communications and operations, resulting in increased efficiency, food quality, and service speed.

Sapaad Connect

Sapaad Connect lets you manage all your online orders from food ordering apps. It links Sapaad POS to popular online food ordering platforms and delivery partners.

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