Tuesday August 30, 2022

Shipra Neeraj is one true blue inspiration of every girl who aims for something big in life despite any challenge

Shipra Neeraj is one true blue inspiration of every girl who aims for something big in life despite any challenge

Shipra Neeraj.

Every one of us works hard so that we can settle at some point in our life and have nothing to worry about as far as finances are considered. But real growth comes through constant evolution and transformation.

It's only when you commit yourself to a process of growth and never shy away from changing career paths, you grow as an extraordinary professional in this dynamic world. Shipra Neeraj is one of those exemplary people who don't just fulfill their own dreams with their hard work but also inspire others with their will to try and ace every challenge life throws at them.

As a child, Shipra dealt with self-doubt. She wasn't a very confident girl and always doubted her potential due to comparisons with her brother. Despite being great in sports and other extracurricular activities, she always thought less of herself. She first transformed herself when she joined the prestigious Krishnamurti Foundation in Varanasi for high school.

Shipra gained the much-required confidence during her two years there and it turned out to be a period of significant learning and growth. But life had some pretty big challenges for her.

Shipra wanted to become a CA but circumstances made her change her path and led her to Delhi where she started her MBA. Even here she struggled with a series of health issues that didn't let her complete her education. But soon life blessed her with her soulmate.

This was another period of transition in her life. Shipra shifted to Bangalore along with her husband and joined Infosys. Despite several cultural challenges, she adapted well. But life still wanted to test Shipra's potential! As her husband had to change the city for work, he suggested her to start something on her own.

This is when she started a clothing boutique called Darpan and became an entrepreneur. After a huge success of 7 years when the economic downturn slowed down the business, she started working for Satya Paul, a prominent Indian fashion label.

However, Shipra Neeraj didn't know that she's heading towards the biggest opportunity of her career. A friend introduced her to the world of direct selling, a $182 billion global industry that was already a billion-dollar business in India.

She was impressed by the products on offer from the leading Asian direct selling company QNet and decided to start with an open mind.

As she embarked on this journey, it opened a world of new possibilities for her but also put her through several tests. She had to go through a great learning process but eventually enjoyed the biggest success of her career so far.

Her husband and brother watched her blossom into a powerhouse leader and were so influenced by her enthusiasm and success that they also decided to join her in building the QNet business.

Currently, she has been recognised as the diamond star, which is the highest earning rank in Qnet. Her future plan is to become Blue Diamond Star and increase her income from millions to billions so that she can increase the radius of giving back to society.


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