Saturday September 03, 2022

Thug steals mobile phone from a worshipper inside a mosque in Egypt

Thug steals mobile phone from a worshipper inside a mosque in Egypt

A videograb shows the man stealing a mobile phone from a mosque in Egypt.

Rlixa Report

The Egyptian security services managed to uncover the circumstances of a video clip, spread on social media, in which a person appeared to steal a mobile phone from another in a mosque located in the Second Police Department of Shubra El Kheima in Qalyubia, while performing prayers.

The competent security services conducted the necessary investigations and examined the video clip using modern technologies.

According to local media, one of the surveillance cameras monitored the moment when a thief stole a mobile phone, during the noon prayer inside the Abu Al-Hana Mosque in the Shubra El Kheima area.

An eyewitness said that the incident occurred during the noon prayer, adding that the mosque had several incidents of theft before that, forcing those in charge of it to install surveillance cameras.

The police with the help of technology identified the perpetrator and apprehended him, according to local media.

After arresting the accused and confronting him, he confessed to committing the crime. Several mobile phones were seized from his possession.

The authorities will take all legal measures. He remains in police custody until the investigation is complete.

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