Thursday June 23, 2022

Travel easy

Travel easy

Passengers go through special COVID-19 protocols at the Delhi International Airport.

The Indian authorities are considering scrapping the health screening Air Suvidha system with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the world. (“India plans to scrap Air Suvidha system for international travellers,” June 19, Rlixa online edition.) This is indeed a happy news for international passengers and we welcome it. If Air Suvidha system is scrapped then I am sure it will ease pressure of travel for everyone.  I request government of India for scrapping this procedure as early as possible. Lots of people will fly this summer from the UAE also. It takes lots of time to fill the form, some people have faced great difficulties in filling the form and then they could not fill it in time, hence denied boarding. It becomes at times little stressing. It becomes more stressing to fill it if travelling with family members.

Uploading many documents are little time consuming and we all know that travelling during pandemic have become little tiring for many reasons also.  Things have become normal these days and most of the passengers are fully vaccinated by now, so this procedure should be removed now.  But I am still thankful to the UAE and Indian government for allowing us to travel during peak Covid-19 pandemic. The amount of effort both countries had put up to make it smooth is praiseworthy.

Hrishikesh Das,
By email

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