Thursday July 21, 2022

TV’s biggest night

TV’s biggest night


Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

The 74th Primetime Emmy Award nominations have been announced. As always there are some surprises in the nominations as well as some shockers. This week we take a look at all the selections made for television’s biggest event of the year which will take place in September.

Actress Zendaya received a nomination for lead actress in a drama for her role in the hit show “Euphoria.” The show follows a group of high school teenagers navigating their way through the difficulties of teenage life. The series received a total of five nominations this year including Zendaya’s. Interestingly, she has already won an Emmy for lead actress in a drama series for the same role back in 2019 making her the youngest winner ever of the award for that category. The show has just been renewed for a third season.

The show which received the highest amount of nominations was the satirical comedy-drama “The White Lotus” with a total of 20 nods. I really enjoyed watching this show, it was different than any other show I’ve watched. It stars Jennifer Coolidge along with Alexandra Daddario and some other big names. The series focuses on a variety of guests staying at a luxury resort in Hawaii. The second season of the show has been given the go ahead and will tell the story of a different group of travellers staying at a White Lotus resort in Italy.

In other news this week, turn to our Fitness pages to read about how long it takes to see results when you try out a new fitness routine. Those who like to work out outdoors are probably finding it too hot to do so right now and there’s no harm in switching to indoors to continue working out. Consistency is obviously the key to getting results from any workout routine.     

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