Friday August 05, 2022

Two dead, 2 injured in lightning strike near White House

Two dead, 2 injured in lightning strike near White House

A lightning strike hits a tree in Lafayette Park across from the White House. Reuters

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A man and woman in their late seventies were pronounced dead, and two others remained in critical condition on Friday, after being struck by lightning in a park near the White House as a severe thunderstorm hit the US capital.

Earlier officials announced that four people were in critical condition, after they were injured by a lightning strike near the White House.

Lightning struck a small lawn in front of White House Avenue, leaving two men and two women with "serious and life-threatening injuries," according to a statement from the Washington Fire and Emergency Department.

Pictures posted by the fire department on social media showed ambulances and at least one fire engine with flashing lights operating at the scene.

A violent storm hit the American capital on Thursday evening.

The other two adults remain in critical condition, police said.

A White House spokesperson said the Biden administration was "saddened by the tragic loss of life."

"We pray for those who are still fighting for their lives," added press officer Karine JeanPierre in a statement.

US intelligence and park police rushed to help the four after witnessing the strike, Fire and Department of Emergency Services spokesman Vito Maggiolo said in a statement posted to social media.

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