Sunday June 12, 2022

VIDEO: Rare Stradivarius fetches near-record $15.3 million

VIDEO: Rare Stradivarius fetches near-record $15.3 million

This photograph courtesy of Tarisio shows the "da Vinci, Ex-Seidel" Stradivarius violin. AFP

Rlixa Report

A rare model of the "Stradivarius,", the most famous violin in the world, was sold at an auction in New York for $15.34 million, that is slightly less than the record price ($15.9 million) for such a rare music instruments.

The violin, made by master Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) in 1714, belonged for nearly 40 years to the talented Russian-American artist Toscha Seidel (1899-1962), who used it on the soundtrack for The Wizards of Oz (1939), one of the classic Hollywood movies.

"Seidel was also Albert Einstein's tutor, so this violin juxtaposed with the great physicist while they played quartets at Albert's house in Princeton, New Jersey," said Jason Price, founder and director of Tarizio House.