Tuesday August 02, 2022

Woman obligated to pay Dhs131,000 in inheritance dispute in Abu Dhabi

Woman obligated to pay Dhs131,000 in inheritance dispute in Abu Dhabi

Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases ordered a woman to pay another Dhs131,000, her share in the inheritance of a deceased person, and obligated her to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit filed by the appellant.

The appellant indicated in her lawsuit that she had lent the deceased Dhs900,000 but the appellee refused to pay her share in the amount.

The details of the case date back to an earlier time when the appellant filed a lawsuit demanding that the appellee pay her Dhs243,000, in addition to Dhs10,000 in compensation for the material and moral damages she incurred, besides a legal interest of 12% from the date of the lawsuit, the fees and expenses, and the lawyer's fees.

The appellant explained that she, the appellee and 4 others were the heirs of the deceased, whom she lent during his life Dhs900,000, but after his death, she asked the heirs to pay her the amount, and the four agreed, except for the appellee.

The appellee demanded that the case be dismissed for lack of validity and proof, and asked to task an accounting expert to check the accounts of the deceased in all banks.

The court indicated that the deceased's declaration of the debt was documented by the notary, which mentioned that the deceased had received Dhs900,000 from the appellant as a debt.

The court rejected the compensation, because the complainant did not prove the harm, and it also rejected the request for interest, on the grounds that the parties to the case are not merchants.


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