Sunday September 04, 2022

Work unitedly

Work unitedly

Pakistan and India should work together to mitigate the impacts of global warming.

The unprecedented rain and flood in Pakistan caused hundreds of deaths, crop loss and irreversible damages to millions. This disaster poses a great threat to livelihood and food security of the nation. Heat wave conditions in neighbouring China already ensured a poor harvest. Many Indian states are facing similar abnormal weather conditions.

In this context, Pakistan and India should work together to mitigate the impacts of global warming as UN report on climate change says these two countries, among a few other countries are going to get affected the most.

Forget about the GDP and start preparation to face the realities. Think about food security too along with energy security. Force other countries to comply and start the campaign “let others to live “. We had COP26 in 2021 co-hosted by UK with Italy and many countries already made some unrealistic net-zero carbon commitments too.

Climate change is a reality and we have to admit it. Otherwise, furious nature will force us to know the implications of our reckless creation of carbon footprints.

We will lose many comfortable things during our journey to achieve our climate goals by the end of this century. Economy, job, food security etc. all are uncertain. But, if we are not ready to change our current activities, it is certain that we are approaching disasters without any preparations. As per Paris agreement, our goal is to limit global warming to well below 2 degree preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. Countries are not sincere to reach that target fearing economic as well as social repercussions. Yes, of course, we want to change our current activities with an aim to achieve future objectives with huge cost impacts. Progress is impossible without change.

We have countries producing green gas emissions substantially and countries who don’t produce much. But unfortunately, the less carbon producing countries may face more and disproportionate punishment of nature in the form of disasters. Bangladesh is such a potential victim.

Millions of people are going to expose extreme weather such as drought, floods, extreme heat because of accelerating climate change.

Ice melting in Arctic may cause flooding in an eco-friendly country with low sea level. It may be extremely heavy rain in one continent whereas drought or severe cold or flooding may happen elsewhere.  There are only two options-either change ourselves before too late or nature will force us to change. We can foolish people but we can’t foolish the nature. We borrowed something from the nature, repay it before the furious lender comes in search of us.

Girish R Edathitta,

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