Saturday September 10, 2022

Young man slaughters neighbour during Friday prayers in Egypt

Young man slaughters neighbour during Friday prayers in Egypt

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A young man slaughtered his neighbour while he was praying inside a mosque on Friday in the city of Dikirnis, Dakahlia Governorate, north of Cairo.

The crime was committed inside the Grand Mosque in the village of Mit Sudan in the centre of Dikirnis, where a young man named Saber Farag, 33, stabbed his neighbour Sherbini Awad, 48, on the back of the neck while the victim was prostrating during Friday prayers. ,

The people detained the suspect inside the mosque until the police came and took him.

He was referred to the Public Prosecution for interrogation.

A source told "Sky News Arabia" that the Public Prosecution accompanied the suspect at night to represent the crime at the scene, where he explained in detail the way of committing it, adding that he decided since Thursday night to murder the victim, so he reportedly entered the mosque at the time of Friday prayers, concealing a knife in his clothes.

Then he watched the victim during the Friday sermon, as he was sitting in the first row.

The suspect confessed that he sat in the last row and during prostration of the first rak’ah, he jogged to the place of the victim and stabbed him in the neck during his prostration.

In his confessions, the suspect added that the victim insulted him several hours before the crime because he had painted threatening phrases and drawings which seemed like sorcery, on the walls in the streets of the village, so he decided to punish him and get rid of him.

The Public Prosecution referred the suspect to forensic and psychiatric medicine to determine the his mental powers, as well as to analyse a sample of him to determine whether he used narcotic substances or not.

Police investigations revealed that the victim was a tailor, and that the suspect was one of his relatives who worked with him for a while.

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